From 1754 to 1815, the British worked against and with the various tribes of North American Indians to determine who would eventually control the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley region of North America (and I would argue all of the Trans-Appalachian lands to the Mississippi River). This era is being redefined as the Sixty Years’ War to highlight its importance to the Indians of the area and how the wars of the period could be seen from a different lens than the Euro-centric.

I am currently pursuing a PhD at King's College London (War Studies) on the interaction of the British with the American Indians in warfare during the Sixty Years' War. Specifically, I am looking into the comparative views of military honour and whether either group allowed their actions to be hindered by their view of the other's actions around this important cultural issue. I have created this site to accomplish several objectives;

  • I wanted a place to order my research, specifically my bibliography
  • I wanted a test bed for using technology to build a digital history archive
  • I wanted a place to blog about the PhD process
  • I wanted a place to post book reviews
  • I wanted a place to sell Amazon books to help fund my ridiculously expensive book buying habit

So, please, come in, enjoy and use the site as you see fit. All I ask is that you observe and comply with the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License mentioned in the footer section.